Labrador Friendship Centre
Enriching Aboriginal Life
in Labrador
Labrador Friendship Centre
The Corporation is established for the following purposes, and shall restrict itself to such activities as in its opinion directly or indirectly, furthers such purposes.

  • To provide assistance, through the provision and implementation of services and programs to both transient and resident Aboriginal people of Labrador in a manner that may meet their requirements.
  • To assist Aboriginal people of Labrador to find and maintain employment and to obtain housing.
  • To assist Aboriginal people of Labrador in making personal, social, cultural and cross cultural contacts.
  • To assist Aboriginal people of Labrador by providing interpretation services.
  • To promote communication and understanding between Aboriginal people and community service agencies.
  • To encourage and promote Aboriginal cultures, customs, traditions and languages.
  • To establish, maintain and operate a Centre for cultural, traditional, social, educational and recreational activities and gatherings.
  • To promote and assist in developing Aboriginal education.
  • To assist in the promotion, development, appreciation and preservation of Aboriginal arts, crafts and artifacts.
  • To assist and promote through all communication media, including newspaper, film and broadcasts, in the cultural, economic, educational and social development of Aboriginal people.
  • To establish, maintain and operate a hostel to provide temporary accommodations for Aboriginal people.
  • To serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.
  • To promote the development of Aboriginal leadership.
  • To serve as a vehicle for the involvement of Aboriginal people in the planning, implementation and management of social, cultural and economic programs.
  • To be a local agency to which Aboriginal people, individuals and groups can bring their problems for discussion and possible resolution.
  • To assist Aboriginal people of Labrador in resolving their own issues and concerns.
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