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Frequently Asked Questions
Since its origin many people have availed of the programs and services offered by the Labrador Friendship Centre. However, the Centre is concerned that even today there are persons in Labrador who do not frequent the Centre, use its services or become involved because they are unsure of what the Centre's purpose is. The staff of the Labrador Friendship Centre hope by distributing this information that everyone will better understand the purpose of the Centre.
What is the purpose of the Labrador Friendship Centre?
The mission statement of the Centre is: "The Labrador Friendship Centre will endeavour to provide the best possible services to enrich the lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Labrador through the provision and implementation of social, cultural, health, educational, employment and developmental initiatives."
What type of programs do you offer?
The Labrador Friendship Centre offers the following:

  • Cultural Activities
  • Facilities for Educational training
  • Little Tree Family Centre
  • Residential Services Program
  • Community Food Bank
  • Hostel and Diner
  • Seniors Transportation
  • Services for Seniors
  • Activities for Seniors and Children
  • Assisted Living Program
Who owns the Labrador Friendship Centre?
The Centre is not owned by anyone or any group in the way that one can own a house. The Centre belongs to the people of Labrador. According to its constitution every Indigenous person in Labrador is a member of the Friendship Centre. That means the Centre is there for you, the Indigenous person, and as such you can feel it is yours. This is not only a Centre for Indigenous people but for all people!
If the Centre is for Indigenous people how can I help?
You can help by utilizing the services it provides, by respecting others that come to the Centre and by making suggestions and recommendations that would result in positive change. If there are things you are uncomfortable with, please let us know. We encourage people to use the hostel when in town. The hostel was built to alleviate a concern for the people coming to Happy Valley - Goose Bay for medical or other reasons and who could not afford to stay in a Hotel or who had no where else to stay.
Can others beside Indigenous people use the Labrador Friendship Centre?
Yes. It is important to remember that the Centre was established to provide assistance first and foremost to Indigenous people. However, because the Centre exercises an open door policy it will provide such assistance to any person in need if it is capable of providing such assistance. Some programs and projects are restricted solely for Indigenous people as a result of the criteria imposed by particular funding sources.
When did the Labrador Friendship Centre begin?
The organization began in 1974 with the Annual General Assembly held in October 1975.
How can a person become a member of the Board of Directors?
There are ten elected positions on the Board. There is also a non elected position of past president. At each Annual General Assembly five positions are open for election, each for a two year term. This will allow for continuity on the Board.
How can I find out more about the Labrador Friendship Centre?
You are welcome to drop by the Centre at any time and visit. We are located at 49 Grenfell Street, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. You can call us at (709) 896-8302, email:, or you can write to us at the following address:

Labrador Friendship Centre
P. O. Box 767
Happy Valley - Goose Bay
Labrador, NL
A0P 1E0
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